This is the documentation for SuperSTAR 8

SuperSTAR 9.9 is now available.
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Welcome to the WingArc Australia customer documentation for SuperSTAR 8.0

Where Do I Start?

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SuperSTAR is a suite of software products for public dissemination of statistical data. 

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SuperSERVER is the core of the SuperSTAR system.

It is a common platform and database format for all the clients, offering consistent privacy protection and access control, integrated metadata and fast tabulations across microdata. 

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SuperCHANNEL is the database import tool you will use for converting your data from the source database to the star-schema, column-oriented format used by SuperSTAR to provide its cross-tabulation speed. 

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SuperCROSS is the desktop client for the SuperSTAR platform. It has a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface that facilitates fast, flexible tabulation and analytics for information producers. 

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SuperWEB2 is a browser based data analysis client for SuperSTAR. Users can create tables using just a web browser, and visualise the results with charts and thematic maps.

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SuperDataHub is a web based business intelligence and analysis tool, where you can explore, build and visualise data from reliable sources. All you need is a web browser.

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