Data Source Connection Guide

The Data Source Connection Guide describes how to connect MotionBoard with data sources.


  • Knowledge necessary as MotionBoard Administrator
    Users who implement and manage MotionBoard in their in-house system.
    It is presumed that they have knowledge about building a system environment used by many users, networks, and databases. Knowledge about redundancy or clustering may be required depending on the environment to be built. For example, it is presumed that the users are those who work in the information system management department in a company or system integrators that manage the system on consignment.

  • Knowledge of connected data sources

Notes on CData JDBC driver

Some data sources available in MotionBoard are connected via the JDBC driver (CData JDBC driver) provided by CData Software.

  • Support details for data sources connected via CData JDBC driver are available on our support site. Check the information before use.
  • For technical information on CData JDBC driver, use one provided on the CData Software's website.