Board Creation Guide

The Board Creation Guide explains how to create and manage boards with MotionBoard.

This guide covers how to:

If you are a new user of MotionBoard, we recommend you begin with the Getting Started guide.


  • Knowledge necessary as MotionBoard board creator
    Users who mainly create and edit boards in MotionBoard.
    It is presumed that they have knowledge to create, define, and edit data sources (databases) handled on boards as well as knowledge of business process of the department that use the boards. A user who is requested to create boards from customers, or users who are familiar with the business process belonging to the department that uses the boards.

  • Contents of the Getting Started guide
  • To save a board, you need write permissions for the folder in which the board will be saved. For more  information, see Create a Folder for Storing Boards.

Board Creation Process

1. Create the destination folder of the board

Create the folder in which the board will be saved. Configure folder permissions as necessary to restrict the users who can use the board.

2. Create the board

After you create the folder, create the board.

For information about the types of boards, see Create a Board. For information about how to create and edit boards, see Create a Board - Layout ModeCreate a Board - Free Layout Mode, and Create a Link Board.

3. Create and place items

After you create an item board, create and place the items.

MotionBoard contains various items that you can place on item boards. Each item type has its own unique creation method. Furthermore, items are categorized into board private items and shared items, with each having a different creation method.

For more information, see the Item Creation Guide

4. Review and save board settings

When you create a new board you can configure settings for that board.

On the Board Management window, you can configure board settings and manage placed items. By reviewing and changing settings, you can improve the usability of the board. When you change board settings or item placement, you must save the board definition.