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If you are deploying SuperWEB2 into a network environment that has network and host level security, you will need to configure the network security devices and the host level security on the relevant hosts.

SuperWEB2 communicates to SuperSERVER and SuperADMIN Server using well defined ports:

SuperADMIN9231RMI Communications
SuperADMIN9234RMI Registry
SuperADMIN9000Configuration Server
User Data RepositoryDepends on the database server configuration 
Job Queue ManagerDepends on the database server configuration 

See Port Usage - SuperSTAR for full details.

You must permit network responses for connections initiated from the SuperWEB2 server to the SuperSERVER and SuperADMIN servers. Responses are sent to the initiating port.

You If you are using the User Data Repository and Job Queue Manager you must also permit network responses from the database servers and allow communication with application clients.