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Configure Base Map Properties

You may need to update the Base Map Properties configuration file when setting up mapping on your deployment. This file is located in <tomcat_home>\webapps\webapi\WEB-INF\classes\

The base map settings relate to the map imagery itself (such as the street map images or the satellite view).

The file contains the following properties:


A set of arbitrary IDs used throughout the properties file. You need one ID for each type of map that you want to make available from the drop-down list.

The remainder of the properties must appear once for each basemap definition. Replace <ID> with the relevant basemap ID.


The label shown in the drop-down list that allows users to choose between the map types. By default, the labels are set to Street Map, Aerial Map and Blank Map.

If you are using SuperWEB2's multilingual capabilities to show the user interface in multiple languages, then you may wish to localise this text. You can do this by creating a copy of for each language you want to support and naming it basemaps_<locale>.properties (replace <locale> with the relevant 2 character lower case ISO 639 language code).

For example, to provide translations for Chinese you would name the file and set the values of streetmap.label and aerialmap.label accordingly.

If there is no localised version of the properties file for a specific language in your deployment, then SuperWEB2 will use the labels from the default properties file (


The initial opacity of the base map images. You can set this to any value (up to 1 decimal place) between 0.0 (completely transparent) to 1.0 (completely solid). This setting is optional and defaults to 1.0 if not specified.

A number indicating the order in which the map options should appear in the drop-down list. Whichever property is set to 1 will be displayed first; properties with higher numbers will be displayed next.

The type of basemap this definition uses. This property can be set to ESRI or BLANK.

Setting the property to BLANK creates a blank base map, which shows only the geographic shapes with no underlying map imagery.


The URL to download the base map images from.

  • To specify a single URL, use the url property and leave the subdomains property blank.
  • To specify multiple similar URLs on different subdomains, use {s} in your URL and then specify the subdomains separated by commas. SuperWEB2 will automatically replace {s} with the subdomain values. For example:


    In this case, the actual URLs will be resolved as and

    Multiple subdomains are typically used to speed up downloading of the map tiles (using multiple subdomains gets around the browser limit of the maximum number of concurrent requests allowed to a single domain).

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