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This file contains the names and locations of the input data files that contain the source data.

It is divided into sections for the different table types:

<file>, <skip>
<table_name>, <file>, <skip>

The values are as follows:


The filename where the data is located.

If the file is located in one of the directories specified in the <database>.DBCatalog then you can specify just the filename. You can also specify a path relative to one of those directories or an absolute path and filename.

The name of the table. Must be listed in <database>.DBTables.

(Optional) If a number is specified after the filename then this indicates that this number of leading rows should be skipped at the start of the file.

If no <skip> value is set then SuperCHANNEL will start reading from the start of the file.

If the data for a table is split across multiple files, specify all of the filenames on the same line, separated by commas.

If any of these files have skip values then simply specify the skip value after the file it refers to.

The skip value will only be applied to the filename immediately before the value. For example with the following definitions SuperCHANNEL will skip the first row of PeopleData1.txt, but will not skip any rows in PeopleData2.txt:


SampleCityDB.txt, SampleCityDB1.txt
Gender, gender.txt
Age, age1.txt, age2.txt 
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