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If you are publishing data then you’ll know how important it is to protect the confidentiality of any individuals in that data.

In many countries, including Australia, there can be serious legal consequences to releasing data that allows individuals to be identified. Additionally, if organisations do inadvertently release data that allows individuals to be identified, public trust is compromised.

On the other hand, if organisations do not release any data, or release only prescribed views of data, then open data transparency is compromised, and the potential economic and social benefits are lost.

We have worked in collaboration with government agencies around the world to develop perturbation: a unique solution that addresses privacy concerns without compromising the flexibility and utility of a self-service data dissemination platform.

This section describes how perturbation works and how to configure it.

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If you need to use perturbation in your deployment, please contact support for advice on the appropriate approach for your processing needs.

You are recommended not to change the perturbation settings for a dataset once it has gone live in your production deployment. Changes to the perturbation settings may invalidate saved tables and recodes that users have created for the dataset.

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