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Add a Blank Row or Column to a Table

To make your table more readable, you can add spacing by using blank rows and columns. The blank rows and columns can either be completely blank rows/columns, or they can have headings.

For example, you could use blank rows to group values in your table as follows.

Without blank rows:

With blank rows:

To add a blank field or axis item:

  1. Right-click where you want to insert the blank item.

    • When adding a row, the blank row will be inserted below the one you clicked on.
    • When adding a column, the blank column will be inserted to the right of the column you clicked on.
  2. Select Derivations > Add Blank Field Items or Derivations > Add Blank Axis Items (depending on whether you want to add the blank item to an individual field or to the axis).

    A dialog displays.

  3. If you want your blank axis item to have a heading, enter the heading text. Alternatively, leave this blank to create a completely blank spacer row or column.
  4. Click OK.
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