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Configure Zero Suppression

SuperWEB2's zero suppression options are designed to help you reduce noise in your tables so you can concentrate on what's important. When you activate zero suppression, SuperWEB2 will automatically remove rows and columns that contain only zeros.

By default, when you select a dataset in SuperWEB2, zero suppression is not activated. Users need to select the options from the menu:

If you prefer, you can configure zero suppression to be activated by default (users will still be able to turn it off if they want to see the whole table).

To change the default for zero suppression, use the following commands in SuperADMIN:

cfg db <dataset_id> superweb2.zeroSuppression.rows set {true|false}
cfg db <dataset_id> superweb2.zeroSuppression.columns set {true|false}

For example, to configure zero suppression to be activated by default for both rows and columns of Retail Banking, use the following commands:

cfg db bank superweb2.zeroSuppression.rows set true
cfg db bank superweb2.zeroSuppression.columns set true

Any changes you make to this setting will take effect the next time users open this dataset from the catalogue. There is no need to restart the SuperWEB2 service to apply the change.

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