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Modify Table Header, Table Footer and Field Heading

You can modify the table header and footer:

To edit the header, footer, or a field heading:

  1. Double-click the item.

    The Edit Table Header / Edit Heading / Edit Table Footer dialog displays.
  2. Make your changes and click OK.

The header and footer can have a maximum of 244 characters. You can use the following special codes to display dynamic information about the table:



The cell/field/field value annotations.


The derivation's footnotes.

&CThe table cell count.


The database name.


The standard annotation table footnotes. See Weighted Datasets for more information.


The total set of table footnotes defined in the database for this table.

&nA newline.


The organisation name (as defined in SuperCROSS under Edit > Options > General).


Details of any columns that have custom power of ten settings applied.


A description of the randomisation applied (for example using a data control plugin). For example "Confidentially rules have been applied to all cells in this table, including randomly rounding to base 3".


The summation option in use.


The filename of the table file.


The details of the fields in use in the table (for example "Martial Status by Occupation").


The table method annotation (if the administrator has configured this). See Confidentiality for more information.


The database annotations.

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