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Module Callback API

PreJobInfoT and JobInfoT both have a member struct m_Callbacks that contains a set of function pointers that provide modules with access to table structural information and either the tabulation query (in the case of PreJobInfoT) or the results of the cross tabulation.

The following pages describe the available callback functions:

You can also find details of the callback functions available to your module in the supplied header files dcmodulecallback.h and dcmoduleprejobcallback.h (located in C:\ProgramData\STR\SuperSERVER SA\etc\include\ by default).

Many of these functions return pointers to data describing attributes of the cube currently being processed.

  • The API implementation is responsible for managing these resources. Client programmers must not call free or delete on pointers returned by the API.
  • The memory associated with these resources is guaranteed to be maintained by the SuperSERVER for the duration of the job being processed. If values obtained from the API need to be stored between job invocations then the client programmer must manage this storage.

During PreJob you can use the callback GetLastFunctionStatusT() to query the status of the last function. This can provide additional error information when a callback returns 0.

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