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Rename a Group

To rename any private custom groups that you have created:

It is not possible to rename a custom group that has been saved to a shared folder (whether or not you created it). As an alternative, you can delete the shared custom group and create a new one.

  1. Click the Custom Data button at the bottom of the field list.

  2. In the My Custom Data section, select the check box next to the group you want to rename.

    The My Custom Data panel with a group called Eastern States and a group called Perth Suburbs that is selected

  3. In the Rename field, enter a new name for the group and click Go.

    The My Custom Data buttons with a new name (Perth Suburbs Group) in the text box and the mouse pointer hovering over the Rename button

    If the Rename field is not available, then this indicates that the custom group is a shared group. Shared groups cannot be renamed.

    The new name must be unique and less than 255 characters long.

    SuperWEB2 renames the group.

    My Custom Data with the custom group renamed to Perth Suburbs Group

If you rename a group that is currently in use in the table, then the previous name will continue to display in the table. To update to the new version you must remove the group from the table and then add it back.

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