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Change the Default Tab Label in Excel Downloads

When you save table data in Excel format, the first tab in the download is labelled WingArc Australia by default:

You can change this if you wish. The text is defined in the language definition files for SuperCROSS, so you can display a different text string for different language downloads if necessary.

To change the label:

  1. Go to the language directory in the SuperCROSS program files. If you installed to the default location, this will be C:\Program Files\STR\SuperCROSS\language or C:\Program Files (x86)\STR\SuperCROSS\language.
  2. Open the text file for the language where you want to change the label in a text editor. For example, the English definitions are stored in the file English_en-US.txt.
  3. Locate the definition for LS_EXCEL_DEFAULT_SHEETNAME:

    27159	LS_EXCEL_DEFAULT_SHEETNAME	WingArc Australia
  4. Change the value to your preferred label for the default tab in Excel downloads. For example:

    27159	LS_EXCEL_DEFAULT_SHEETNAME	My Company Name
  5. Repeat these steps for any other languages where you want to change the label.
  6. Restart SuperCROSS to apply the change.

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