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This command controls the SuperADMIN display output and sets scripting options.

console off
Turns off output in the SuperADMIN console. Commands you issue will continue to be executed, but the output from those commands will not be displayed.
console on
Turns on output in the SuperADMIN console.
console script groovy

Switches the console scripting language to the groovy scripting engine. Groovy is the core parser within the command line and can be enabled for a more powerful scripting environment than the default scripting language (strshell).

You can use the groovy scripting language in conjunction with macros to create advanced script functionality.

To revert back to the default scripting language from groovy, use the command console.reset()

console output <filename>

Sends the output from the console to the specified file.

  • By default, the file will be created in the SuperADMIN console directory (for a standard install this is C:\ProgramData\STR\SuperADMIN\console).
  • Output will continue to be sent to the console in addition to the file. If you want output to only be captured in the file, use the console off command.
console reset
Resets the console to the default settings. This command also stops the console from logging output to a file.
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