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Create a Weight Field

A weight field applies a weighting to an existing field.

To create a weight field:

  1. Select Cross > Define Field. The Define Fields window displays.
  2. Click Weight. The Weight Field window displays.
  3. Enter the following details:


    Field Name

    Enter a name for the field.

    Field to Weight

    Select the field to create the weight for. When you select a field, the list at the bottom displays all the values and their weightings.


    Displays the weight for the selected value in the list. To change the weighting, enter a new value and click Accept.

    Copy Down

    Click to copy the selected weight item down to its sub-items (only applicable to hierarchical fields).

    Update Now

    Click to execute the modifications.

    Auto Update

    Select this check box to immediately copy down selected weight items to its sub-items (this may take some time).


    Click the Mid-Points button to calculate the mid-points of all value ranges in the selected field. The value of a range with no number is not changed. The mid-point of a range that only has one number is that number. Only numerable values can be calculated.

    For example:

    RangeMid-Point Value

    From 1995 to 1997


    From 1995 to 97






    1991, 93-98

    1992 -only the first two values are used.



    If a range has more than two values only the first two values are used to cal-culate the mid-point. For example: (First value + Second value) / 2

    A mid-point value is rounded down to the next decimal integer. e.g. values 1995 and 1998 are rounded down to 1996.

    The second value in a range is interpreted as an abbreviated date if it is less than the first value. For example the mid-point between the year values 1995 - 05 is calculated as 2000. If the Mid-Point option is selected when the Auto Update check box is selected the updated values for each range are automatically calculated and displayed.

    However, if Mid-Point is selected when the Auto Update check box is not selected the Update Now option must be selected to reflect any changes.

  4. Click OK.
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