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Hide Summation Options

By default, SuperWEB2 shows the summation options at the top of the Fields list:

In some cases you may wish to hide the summation options section for user convenience, particularly if your datasets only have one summation option available. When a user adds a field to the table, the default summation option will automatically be added.

This feature is intended for usability purposes, and is not intended as a security feature. While users will only be able to create tables from scratch that contain the default summation, if the dataset has multiple summation options and there are saved tables that have other, non-default, summation options included, then these can still be loaded.

In addition, this setting does not restrict queries submitted through the Open Data API.

Use the following command in SuperADMIN to hide the summation options for a particular dataset:

cfg db <dataset_id> superweb2.showSummationOptions set false

For example, the following command hides the summation options for the Retail Banking dataset:

cfg db bank superweb2.showSummationOptions set false

SuperWEB2 hides the summation options section:

To revert to the default you can either set showSummationOptions  to true or remove the configuration:

cfg db <dataset_id> superweb2.showSummationOptions set true
cfg db <dataset_id> superweb2.showSummationOptions remove

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