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Use the TABLE_LABEL registry table to specify a display name (label) for a table.

You can define labels for fact, plain and classification tables:

  • Fact table labels will be displayed in the SuperSTAR clients.
  • Although it is good practice to define meaningful labels for your classification tables, these will not generally appear in the clients (the field list in the clients uses the label from the fact table column rather than the label from its linked classification table). However, SuperWEB2 will display the value set labels in the Select all at level drop-down list (see the example below). This is particularly important if you have hierarchical fields.
  • Plain tables are not included in the target database, although setting a descriptive label may help readability of the target schema.

Registry Tables and Project Files

The information in the registry tables will be read by SuperCHANNEL when you first connect to a database. However, if you save your work as a SuperCHANNEL project, and then subsequently reload the project file, the settings in the project file will take precedence over the information in the registry tables.

For example, table labels will be read from the TABLE_LABEL registry table the first time you connect to the database, but if you subsequently connect to your database by loading a project file, SuperCHANNEL will read the labels from the project file, not the TABLE_LABEL table. This means that if you make changes to the labels in the registry table, these changes will not be picked up by SuperCHANNEL unless you reconnect to the database without using your project file.

Table Definition

Column NameData TypeSizePrimary KeySpecifies...
TABLENAMEstring128YESThe table this label applies to.
LABELstring128 The label for the table.


The labels for the two fact tables in this example would appear as follows in SuperWEB2:

SuperWEB2 uses the classification table labels in its drop-down lists:

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