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Zero Suppression

SuperWEB2's zero suppression options are designed to help you reduce noise in your tables so you can concentrate on what's important. When you activate zero suppression, SuperWEB2 will automatically remove rows and columns that contain only zeros.

This can be particularly useful for very large tables with small values, as it can reduce the size of the table significantly, making it easier to focus on the results.

For example, without zero suppression this table has 64 columns and 9 rows:

A table showing Age by Year. Cell Count 576 (64 x 9 x 1)

With automatic zero suppression enabled, SuperWEB2 automatically removes all the columns that have only zeros in them. This reduces the number of columns down to just 23 (the row count remains the same even though row suppression is enabled because this table does not have any rows that only have zero values):

A table showing Age by Year with Zero Suppression applied. Cell Count 576 (64 x 9 x 1) total, with 207 (23 x 9 x 1) displayed

To activate or deactivate zero suppression, select the Rows and Columns options from the settings menu at the top of the table. You can choose to apply suppression to rows, columns, or both.

The settings menu with the mouse pointer hovering over the Zero Suppression option

If you are using wafers, then SuperWEB2 determines whether to suppress a row or column by looking at the entire cube, not just the currently visible wafer. A row or column will only be suppressed if it contains only zeros on all of the wafers.

This means that you may still see rows and columns with all zero values in your table: if a row or column only contains zeros on the current wafer, but has values on at least one of the other wafers, then it will not be suppressed.

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