Configuration Files

SuperCROSS has many default settings that you can change. There are two ways to configure these settings:

  • Using the Options window in SuperCROSS. See Options for more information about the available settings.
  • Editing the SuperCROSS configuration files (these are text files located in the SuperCROSS data directory). Your changes will be applied the next time you run SuperCROSS.

Configuration File Locations

Unless you nominated a custom location during installation, the SuperCROSS configuration files are located in C:\ProgramData\STR\SuperCROSS.

Configuration Files

The following sections describe some of the configuration files in more detail:

  • confid.iniDefines concealment rules that will be available locally in SuperCROSS.
  • cross.iniStores SuperCROSS display settings. SuperCROSS updates the settings in this file every time the user closes the client so that it can apply the same settings next time.
  • CrossModule.iniDefines the executable modules used by SuperCROSS. Most of the entries in the file are populated when SuperCROSS is installed and should not be changed.
  • crossrv.iniStores information about previous Record View sessions, as well as some Record View configuration options.
  • cs.iniStores settings for client/server work groups, including the settings for batch processing using SuperCROSS. These settings are only used if the cs.ini file has been selected in the Use Specific Work Group File option in the File > Client/Server Connection dialog.
  • custom.xsdConfigures additional metadata parameters.
  • prodmod.iniStores settings for the Production Utility tool, which can be used to combine table files with recode files to generate new tables.
  • product.iniThis file is used during the installation process. You can edit it prior to installing SuperCROSS to create a custom installation package for distribution. For example, you might use this to preconfigure the database catalogue.
  • recodes.iniContains the paths to recode files to be loaded automatically when connecting to a database.
  • sdmx.config.xmlConfigures values that are included in SDMX downloads.
  • srl.iniStores the settings for any local databases in the SuperCROSS database catalogue (databases that have been added under Catalogue and Local Access).
  • ssii.iniStores the SuperSTAR catalogue settings for all SXV4s.
  • statistics.xmlDefines formula definitions for statistical functions available in SuperCROSS.
  • super.iniContains table manipulation and general program settings for SuperCROSS.
  • SuperCatalogue.iniStores the name of the default database set by the user in the SuperCROSS Catalogue.
  • SuperModule.iniStores details of the locations of various dynamic linked libraries (DLLs) used by SuperCROSS. Most of these settings should not be changed.
  • TableData.iniStores dataset-specific table settings. This file must be named _TableData.ini (where is the ID of the dataset it relates to).

If you are editing the configuration files, then you must make sure you close SuperCROSS first. When you close SuperCROSS it saves its settings to the configuration files, so if you try to edit them while SuperCROSS is running, your changes will be overwritten when you close the client.