SummaryStores information about previous Record View sessions, as well as some Record View configuration options.
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[RV Fields]

This section stores details of the fields most recently selected fields for Record View. It is a series of database ID and field index pairs, with the field indexes separated by dots. For example:

[RV Fields]
Financial Database0=

[RV Sorted]

This section applies to SXV4 databases only. It stores configuration settings for the Record View sort options.

EntryDescriptionEquivalent Setting in SuperCROSS Client

Whether or not to display the sort options in the Record View Options dialog.

  • 0 - Do not display the sort options.
  • 1 - Display the sort options (default).
Edit > Options > Configuration > Record View > RV Sorted

The maximum sample sort number for Record View. If this is not set in crossrv.ini it defaults to 1000.

Edit > Options > Configuration > Record View > Maximum Number


This section can be used to configure preferences for record view. It does not appear in the file by default, so you will need to add this section if you want to change the settings from the defaults.

The number of decimal places that will appear in Record View output files. By default, output will have 2 decimal places, but you can use this setting to change to any number of decimal places between 0 and 15.