Default User Accounts

For convenience we provide several default user accounts.

These accounts are for you to complete the initial configuration and testing.

The following accounts are provided by default:

UsernamePasswordDefault Permission Level
guestguestGuest User

Before going into production you should either remove these users or change their passwords. (You will need to maintain at least one administrative user account so that you can continue to manage your deployment).

The possible exception to this is the guest user. You may want to keep this account if you want to allow users to access SuperWEB2 as a guest user. If you do choose to keep the guest user account, you are strongly recommended to change the account's password from the default.

There are also some default groups provided with a new installation: Guests, Managers, Staff, Example and administrators. You may wish to edit or remove these groups before going into production.

Change a User's Password

To change the password on a user account, login to SuperADMIN and use the command account <user_id> setpassword. You will be prompted to enter and confirm the new password. For example:

> account user3 setpassword
Password :
Confirm  :

Delete an Account

To delete an account, login to SuperADMIN and use the command account <user_id> remove. For example:

> account user3 remove