The following are some of the parameters in this configuration file that you can change:

ParameterExampleDescriptionMore Information
  • SessionUserAgentFilter
  • SessionIPFilter

These settings are commented out by default.

You can enable these settings to activate some protection against session hijacking in SuperWEB2.

Enable Protection Against Session Hijaking
These settings configure various parameters that will be used when exporting table data to SDMX format.Branding SDMX Downloads

This parameter is used during development to produce log and code checks.

You must set this to false before going into production.

Configures the URL that users are redirected to on logout or when their login times out. This can be used in conjunction with the SuperWEB2 direct URLs to create a custom external login form.Use Direct URLs to Open a Specific Dataset or Table
The public URL used to access this SuperWEB2 web application. This is used to inform SuperADMIN how to connect to the application's web services.Configure Folders and Shared Tables
Denotes which SuperADMIN group contains administrator users. 

The threshold for activating the bulk selection feature.

When a field has more than the specified number of child items, the SuperWEB2 selection tree will display the Bulk Selection button instead of the actual field items.

If you want to disable the bulk selection feature, set BulkSelectionThreshold to a negative value.

Configure the Bulk Selection Threshold

The session timeout for SuperWEB2 users, in minutes.

This setting does not appear in web.xml by default, but you can add it if you want to control how quickly a SuperWEB2 user's session will expire if they leave their browser window open without interacting with SuperWEB2.

Adding this setting to SuperWEB2's web.xml file will override the default timeout setting (typically 30 minutes) that is configured for all Tomcat applications in the main Tomcat web.xml file (<tomcat_home>\conf\web.xml).

You will need to restart SuperWEB2 or the Tomcat service before any change to this setting will take effect.