Configure Mapping

The SuperWEB2 Map View feature allows users to view geographical data overlaid onto a map.

This feature works in conjunction with an external mapping service (SuperWEB2 currently supports ArcGIS Server 10.0).

When a user accesses Map View, there are three separate components required to display the map:

  • The SXV4 provides the statistical data (SuperWEB2 applies the colours to the shapes based on the data in the table).
  • The mapping service contributes the layer data (the geographical shapes).
  • An external mapping server provides the base map images (for example, the street map drawings or the aerial map imagery that is displayed by default in Map View).

In order to use the feature, you need to configure the link between the geographical fields in your SXV4s and the corresponding geographical shapes from the external mapping service.

Mapping Prerequisites

In order to configure mapping in SuperWEB2 you will need:

  • An understanding of geographical mapping products and the basic concepts.
  • Knowledge of ArcGIS Server (or an alternative mapping server that supports the Web Feature Service (WFS) Interface Standard).
  • An ArcGIS Server 10.0 deployment for use with SuperWEB2 (or an alternative WFS compliant mapping server).

Mapping Configuration Steps