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This file contains general definitions applicable to the entire TDD.

It must contain two lines:

<database_name>, <row_termination_character>, <distinction_string_position>, <distinction_string_length>

The values are as follows:

The database catalogue name for this TDD. 

The ASCII hex value for the row/line termination character in the input data files. SuperCHANNEL supports the following values:

  • 0D 0A - Windows carriage return and line feed characters.
  • 0A - Unix line feed character.
  • 0D - Mac carriage return character.

SuperCHANNEL will display a warning message if you try to set the row termination character to something other than one of these options.

0D 0A

The position of the distinction string for every hierarchical text file. The default value (-1) indicates that no distinction strings are required.-1
The length of the record distinction string. Must be specified if the distinction string position is set to something other than -1.-1

A tab separated list of directory paths to search for the source files.

Both absolute and relative paths are supported, but you are recommended to use relative paths so that the paths will still be valid if the TDD is moved within the file system.


For example::


People,0D 0A,0,1
path=./    ../ 

In this example:

  • The database catalogue name is People.
  • Lines in source files are terminated by the Windows carriage return/line feed characters.
  • There is a distinction string table identifier at position 0 in each hierarchical text file, and that character has a length of 1 character.
  • The directory paths to use are the current directory (./) and the directory immediately above the current directory in the hierarchy (../).
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