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This file contains details of the tables in this database, including the table type.

Each line in the file contains a comma separated list of values that define a single table:

<table_name>, <type>, <distinction>, <parent>, <responses>, <empty_code>

The values are as follows:

The table name.

The table type, which can be one of the following:

FFlat table.Flat tables are stored as a text file, with each line in the file representing a row in the table.
HHierarchical table.Hierarchical tables are stored as a text file, with each line representing a row belong to the hierarchical table or another table.
AAbstract table.Abstract tables are extracted from a hierarchical text file and do not have their own distinction string. They are derived from concrete tables and can have columns shared by these tables.
CConcrete table.Concrete tables help to define an abstract table.
MMulti-response table.Multi-response tables capture data where there is more than one possible response to a given question. The rows in the multi-response table are stored in one line belonging to a parent table's row.
(Optional) The distinction string for the table.
(Optional) The parent table.
(Optional) The maximum number of responses. Only applies to multi-response tables.
(Optional) An empty code (other than NULL) used for multi-response tables to define an empty response.

For example:


CPU Type,F
Num Windows,F
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