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List of Suggested JDBC Drivers

The following is a list of JDBC drivers for different relational database systems.

RDBMSRecommended DriverExample of JAR FileDriver ClassDownload From
H2H2 driverh2-1.3.171.jarorg.h2.Driver
PostgreSQLPostgreSQL JDBC driverpostgresql-8.2-506.jdbc4.jarorg.postgresql.Driver
SQL ServerMicrosoft JDBC
TeradataTeradata driverterajdbc4.jar and tdgssconfig.jarcom.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver

In most cases, the only file you need to download is the .jar driver file (note that the version number may be different to the one shown in the examples here). The exception to this is the Microsoft JDBC driver for SQL Server. This is supplied in an self extracting ZIP archive; there are other files in the archive that are required in order to use the driver, so you will need the entire archive.

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