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Configures values that are included in SDMX downloads.

You can save a SuperCROSS database to the SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange) Technical Standards Version 2.0 generic format. There are two versions of SDMX downloads from SuperCROSS:

  • An archive (.zip) file containing the SDMX data set (.xml) and the SDMX structure definition (.xml)
  • SDMX structure definition (.xml).

For more information on SDMX, see

Default Location


This file contains the following parameters. You can change these values to change the values that will be used when downloading SDMX from SuperCROSS.


The agency section defines the SDMX agency ID and agency name.

The Agency ID and Agency Name are written to the <message:Sender> field in the headers of the SDMX structure definition file and the SDMX data file.

The Agency ID is also written to the codelists in the SDMX structure definition file.


This section defines the survey date for a given database. You can have multiple <database> ... </database> sections: specify the database ID and the survey date that applies to this database.

The date is in ISO-8601 format: YYYY-MM-DD.

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