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SNU  is the SuperCHANNEL command line utility. It allows you to build a SuperSTAR database from a command prompt or via a script.

You cannot use SNU to design the SuperSTAR database. You need to do one of the following before you can run a build with SNU:

  • Design the SuperSTAR database using the SuperCHANNEL GUI first, then save your settings and use the saved XML project file as input to SNU; or
  • Set up registry tables in the source database and table joins that fully describe the required structure of the target database. See Channelling Without a Project File - SNU for more information about this option.

As with the SuperCHANNEL GUI, SNU uses JDBC drivers to connect to the source and target databases:

See SuperCHANNEL Command Line Utility for more information.

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