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SuperTABLE is a basic, unsupported, table reader component of the SuperSTAR suite. It is provided for public end-users of our customers (Australian Bureau of Statistics and NCVER) under license arrangements with these customers.

SuperTABLE is provided for individual use only to end-users who register with Space-Time Research, and accept our SuperTABLE Terms and Conditions for use of this software. Please note that right to use is provided only to the registered end-user and the end-user does not have the right to distribute the software to other end-users, whether within the same organisation or not.

Upgrading from SuperTABLE

Are you currently using SuperTABLE, our basic table reader software?

We recommend you consider upgrading to SuperCROSS, our desktop tabulation and analysis tool. Not only is it much easier to deploy throughout an organisation, you also get full support and access to updates as they are released.

SuperCROSS also includes features that are not available in SuperTABLE, such as the ability to access unit record data, create user defined fields, and run batch processing of tables.

Learn more about SuperCROSS and its features.

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