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Record View - Production System

If you turn on record view output, Production System will output unit records from the SXV4 in CSV format.

You can activate record view output by setting EnableRVOutputCSV to true in the configuration file.

By default, the record view data will only include columns that correspond to the fields in the table, but you can configure this by creating an additional record view configuration file. This needs to be saved to the same directory as the TXD file, with the same name as the TXD but the _rv.txt extension.

For example, if the TXD is AgeByArea.txd then the record view configuration file must be AgeByArea_rv.txt.

The first line in the configuration file must contain the keyword fieldnames. Each subsequent line must contain the name of a field you want to include in the output. The columns will appear in this order.

For example:

Marital Status
Customer Mail Indicator
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