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SuperSTAR Archive File Format - SuperCROSS

The SuperSTAR Archive File Format (.sar) packages the SXV4 database with its metadata and TXDs into a single archive format. This can then be provided to another user to open in SuperCROSS through the Local Access section of the database catalogue, or loaded into SuperTABLE.

You can include the following files in the SAR file:

  • <database>.sxv4  (mandatory; maximum of one SXV4 database)
  • formulae.xml
  • map.confid.xml
  • metadata.xml
  • <database>.rse
  • confid.ini
  • <database>_weightings.xml
  • other related files, such as .TXDs

To create a SAR file:

  1. Prepare the files you want to include in the SAR file. It is best to copy them all to the same directory.
  2. Select File > Create SAR File.

    The Create SAR File window displays.
  3. In the File name field, enter a filename for your new SAR file, or select an existing SAR file you want to replace.
  4. Click Save.

    The Add Files window displays.
  5. Select all the files you want to include in the SAR file (this must include exactly one SXV4 database file).

    Use Ctrl-Click or Shift-Click to select multiple items.

  6. Click Open.

    SuperCROSS creates your SAR file.

For details on how to open your SAR file, see Open a Database.

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