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Verify - User Data Repository

When you have completed configuring your UDR database, the final step is to start Tomcat/SuperWEB2. This will create the empty tables in your UDR database. You can then test the connection by logging in and attempting to save a table.

  1. Login to SuperWEB2.
  2. In Table View, add some rows and columns to create a table.
  3. Click the Save button:

  4. Choose a location and enter a name for the table and click Save:

    A message indicates that your table has been saved successfully:

  5. Select Manage Tables from the top-right menu and check that your saved table displays in the list:

  6. Go to your RDBMS and check the TXD table in the database you created to verify that the saved table is present:

If you are using MySQL as your database, then you may want to consider increasing the maximum packet size configured in MySQL. See Troubleshooting - User Data Repository for more information.

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