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SuperCROSS has built in charting functionality that allows you to easily create charts of your data with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Charting functionality is subject to licensing. It may not be available in your deployment if your SuperCROSS licence does not include access to the chart functionality.

To create a chart:

  1. Create a table.
  2. Select the rows/columns you are interested in (or select all cells if you want to create a chart based on the entire table).
  3. Select File > Create Chart, or click

    SuperCROSS creates your chart.

You can now customise the chart:

See Settings to learn about other chart settings you can change.

For a full list of the options available in chart mode, see Menu Options.

Did You Know?

By default, the chart will automatically update if you change the selected cells in the table. You can configure this behaviour in the Layer Control window.

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