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Use the CLASSIFICATIONS registry table to specify which tables are classification tables, and which columns in those tables represent the code and the name.

A table cannot be both a fact table and a classification. If the same table is incorrectly specified in both the FACTS registry table and the CLASSIFICATIONS registry table, then the FACTS table takes priority.

If a table is not defined as either a fact or classification table, it will automatically be treated as a plain table (these tables are not included in the SuperSTAR database).

Table Definition

Column NameData TypeSizePrimary KeySpecifies...
TABLENAMEstring128YESThe name of a table that should be treated as a classification table.
VALUECODEstring128 The column in this table to use as the Code for the classification. The Code column must be a primary key in the classification table.
DISPLAYNAMEstring128 The column in this table to use as the Name.

Whether to allow totals for this classification table. This setting is designed for situations where it does not make sense to generate totals based on this classification (for example, you may have a time series database where it does not make sense to sum across years). The setting currently applies to SuperWEB2 only; it does not affect totals in SuperCROSS.

This column takes one of the following values:

  • true - totals are allowed for this classification table. This is the default setting.
  • false - totals are not appropriate for this classification table. Users of SuperWEB2 will not be able to create a total for a field that is based on this classification table.


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