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Save and Load Recodes

Recodes allow you to redefine ("re-code") fields. Once you have created some recodes, you can save them to a file. This allows you to re-use them in future and use the same recodes with a different database.

Although you can use the same recodes across more than one database, you can only load a recode if the field it is based on exists in the current database.

For example, if you have saved a recode of the Gender field, that recode will only be loaded if the current database also contains a field called Gender.

Save Recodes or Fields

To save your fields or recodes:

  1. Go to the Fields window.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Choose the file type and location and click Save.

    If you have selected either the recode or textual recode format, the Select Recodes window displays.
  4. Select the recodes you want to save and click OK.

The following formats are available (only the first two formats can be reloaded back into SuperCROSS):

Recode (.RCD)The SuperCROSS recode file format.
Textual Recode (.TXT)A text-based version of the recode file format.
Fields List (.TXT)

A brief description of the fields in this database in a text format.

Fields & Values List (.TXT)A full description of the fields and field values in a text format.
Recodes/Defined Fields Parameter Log (.TXT)A description of the recodes and user defined fields in a text format.

Load Recodes

If you have previously saved your recodes in either recode or textual recode format, you can reload those recodes:

  1. Go to the Fields window.
  2. Click Load.
  3. Select your recode file and click Open.

    The Select Recodes window displays.
  4. Select the recodes you want to load and click Load (or click Load All to load all the recodes in the file).

    If there are already recodes defined for the same fields as the ones you are loading, then you will be prompted to confirm whether you want to override the recodes.

Automatic Loading of Recodes

SuperCROSS can be configured to automatically load recodes you have created whenever you open a particular database. The recodes can be saved in either the recode (.rcd) or textual recode (.txt) file format.

  1. Create your recodes and save them to a location on your computer.
  2. Open the database you want to load the recodes for.
  3. Select Edit > Options.
  4. Select the Configuration tab.
  5. In the Settings drop-down list, select Recode.
  6. Select Load General Recode.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Browse to the directory you want the recodes to be automatically loaded from and click OK.
  9. If you wish, you can add multiple directories, and SuperCROSS will load the recodes from each of these directories. Separate each directory path with a semi colon.
  10. Click OK to close the Options window.

The recodes will be automatically loaded the next time you open this database. Repeat these steps for any other databases where you want to automatically load recodes; simply make sure you connect to the relevant database first.

For more details about automatic loading of recodes, see the documentation for the recodes.ini configuration file.

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