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SuperSERVICE Manager

A Windows service is a process that runs in the background without requiring a user to be logged on. Since they run as background processes, services usually require no direct user interaction and can be set up so that they start automatically when the machine boots. This has the benefit that, should the machine need to be restarted, the services will start automatically when the machine boots.

You are recommended to run server applications, such as SuperSERVER, as Windows services.

When you run the installer to install SuperSERVER, the installation process automatically creates a default Windows service called SuperSTAR, which is configured to start SuperADMIN Server and SuperSERVER when Windows starts.

SuperSERVICE Manager is automatically installed when you install SuperSERVER. You can use the SuperSERVICE Manager tool to edit the SuperSTAR service and bundle together multiple applications into a single Windows service.

SuperSERVICE Manager is available on Windows only. See Linux - Create a Service for steps on creating the equivalent services on Linux.

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