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Command Reference - SuperADMIN

This section describes the SuperADMIN commands.

Command Syntax

The following command syntax is used throughout these instructions:

{ }
Indicates a set of possible choices.

Separates two mutually exclusive choices in a syntax line. Type one of the choices (do not type the | symbol).

< >
Specifies some information you must provide (such as a path or filename). Replace with the relevant value for your system.
Indicates that an argument can be repeated several times in a command line. Type only the information, not the ellipsis.
[ ]
Indicates optional items.
" "

Whenever you specify a value or argument that contains a space (for example an ID or a display name) you must enclose it in quotes.

You must also use quotes for a value or argument that is alphanumeric but starts with a numeric character.



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