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SuperCROSS is the desktop client for the SuperSTAR platform. It has a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface that facilitates fast, flexible tabulation and analytics for information producers.

SuperCROSS is an easy-to-use solution for analysing data at any level of detail, and then presenting the information in a variety of formats. Powerful, customizable confidentiality plugins allow for greater automation of disclosure control, eliminating mistakes and reducing the time required to publish information.

In a world that is becoming more and more quantitative and information focused, SuperCROSS enables the many levels of government, business, and society to depend on easier access to statistical measurements to make faster decisions. Analysts, statisticians, and super users can perform ad hoc data analysis and tabulations over millions of records, and then disseminate patterns and trends to a broader audience.

New to SuperCROSS?

If you are exploring SuperCROSS for the first time, we recommend you start by reading the introduction to SuperCROSS. This section introduces some of the key SuperCROSS features.

You can also follow the Getting Started Guide. This tutorial walks you through how to use SuperCROSS to create a simple table and perform a cross tabulation.

Where To Next?

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