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Command Line Options

You can run SuperSERVICE Manager from the Windows command line, and use it to create and remove services.

The following sections list the valid command line options. If you use an option that is not valid, all the command line options will be ignored and the SuperSERVICE Manager GUI will start.

Create a Service

Use the following options to create a service:

"SuperService Manager.exe" -name <service_name> -wait <seconds> -path <application> -args <parameters>


The name of the service to create. This value will be used as both the Service Name and Service Display Name.

The number of seconds to wait between applications. When you are creating a service that starts more than one application, you can use this setting to add a delay in seconds between starting each application in the list. You might need to use the delay to ensure that each application starts completely before the next one starts.

Allowed values: 0 to 18000 seconds.

The full path and filename of the executable to start

Parameters to pass to the application.

To include multiple applications in your service, simply repeat the -path and -args parameters. Note that -path and -args must always appear in pairs, with -path first, and you must always specify -args even if the application has no parameters.

If the operation completes successfully, SuperSERVICE Manager exits silently.


The following example creates a service called SuperSTAR. The service will start 2 applications (server.bat and scsa.exe), which have no parameters. The service will wait 60 seconds between starting each application.

"SuperService Manager.exe" -name SuperSTAR -wait 60 -path "C:\ProgramData\STR\SuperADMIN\server\server.bat" -args "" -path "C:\Program Files\STR\SuperSERVER SA\scsa.exe" -args ""

Remove a Service

Use the following options to remove a service:

"SuperService Manager.exe" -remove <service_name>


The name of the service to remove. You must stop the service before you can remove it.
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