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When Job Queue Manager writes the table output result to the database, it compresses the data. By default, the compression level is set to level 5, which is a compromise between size and speed.

You can change this setting:

  • Setting a value lower than 5 increases the file size considerably, but runs slightly faster.
  • Setting a value higher than 5 reduces the file size slightly, but runs considerably slower.
  • Valid values are 1 to 9 (inclusive).

Change the Compression Level

To change the compression level:

  1. Go to the Tomcat instance that is running Job Queue Manager and open <tomcat_home>\webapps\queuedjobservice\WEB-INF\config\common\service-config.xml in a text editor.

    Make a backup copy of this file before making any changes.

  2. Locate the following line:

    <property name="compressionLevel" value="5"/>
  3. Change the value to your preferred level. For example:

    <property name="compressionLevel" value="3"/>
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Restart the Tomcat server that is running Job Queue Manager.
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