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Connecting to SXV2 and SXV3 Data Sources

SXV2 and SXV3 are old SuperSTAR database file formats. These formats are now deprecated.

If you have old databases in the SXV2 and SXV3 formats, you can use SuperCHANNEL to convert them to the current SXV4 format. To do this, you connect to the SXV2 or SXV3 file as the source and then use SuperCHANNEL to build a target SXV4 version of the database.

If you have a large number of SXV2 and SXV3 databases to convert, you can use the batch tool provided with SuperCHANNEL to run batch conversions of your old databases.

The komodo driver supplied with SuperCHANNEL for connecting to SXV2 and SXV3 databases does not support channelling Unicode characters.

To connect to an SXV2 or SXV3 data source:

  1. Start the 32 bit version of the SuperCHANNEL GUI.

    You must use the 32 bit version of SuperCHANNEL if you want to connect to SXV2 or SXV3 formats. The komodo driver that is provided for connecting to these formats is not supported with the 64 bit version of SuperCHANNEL.

  2. Select File > Connect to Source. The Connect to Source Database dialog displays.

  3. In the Driver drop-down list, select the komodo driver.

  4. In the Database field, click the ... button and browse to the location on disk of the SXV2 or SXV3 format file you want to convert.

  5. Select the directory containing the SXV2 or SXV3 database, and click OK.

    The Connect to Source Database dialog displays your selected directory.

  6. Click OK. The Source View displays your source SXV2/SXV3 database.

You can now proceed to connect to a new SXV4 target database (File > Connect to Target).

Because the database structure will already be defined in the SXV2/SXV3, in most cases once you have connected to the SXV4 target you should be able to use the Add All Tables option (Ctrl+B) to add all the tables from the source database to the target, and then run a build to generate your SXV4 database.

Limitations of the Komodo Driver

The supplied driver for connecting to SXV2 and SXV3 data sources has some limitations.

If a value in a lower level of a hierarchy has more than one parent-child relationship with multiple values at a higher level of a hierarchy, the komodo driver will only capture one of the parent-child rela­tionships.

If your source data contains these types of relationships, then you are recommended to use the supplied tool smb2tdd.jar (located in C:\Program Files\STR\SuperCHANNEL\jar\channel by default) to convert the SXV3 database to a TDD, and then convert the TDD to an SXV4 database. Contact support ( for assistance.

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