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Install JQM

Installation Requirements

SuperSTAR installationJob Queue Manager requires SuperADMIN, SuperSERVER and SuperWEB2.
Relational Database (RBDMS)

JQM requires a relational database to store tabulation results, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.

Tomcat and Java

JQM can either be installed in the same Tomcat instance that hosts SuperWEB2, or a separate Tomcat instance (recommended).

In these instructions, <tomcat_home> refers to the root folder of the Tomcat instance where you are installing JQM.

Installation Steps

  1. Stop the Tomcat instance if it is running.
  2. Extract the Job Queue Manager ZIP file.
  3. Copy War Files\queuedjobservice.war from the extracted files to <tomcat_home>\webapps
  4. If you are installing into a separate Tomcat instance, copy tomcatLibs\ spring-agent.jar from the extracted files to <tomcat_home>\lib

    If you are installing into the same Tomcat instance that is running SuperWEB2 this step is not necessary as the spring agent library will already be present.

  5. Start the Tomcat instance. This will extract the contents of the Job Queue Manager .war file.

Next Step: Configure Job Queue Manager

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