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Open Data API Overview

REST Endpoints

The Open Data API is a JSON REST API. It has 5 root REST endpoints:

Provides information about all the SuperSTAR datasets that are available to you, and their fields and measures.Learn More
Allows you to submit queries and receive the results (equivalent to creating a table in SuperWEB2).Learn More
Provides general information about the SuperWEB2 instance you are connecting to. At present, this endpoint provides information about the dataset languages currently configured in SuperWEB2.Learn More

Access to the API is subject to rate limits. This endpoint provides information about the limit that applies to you, how many requests you have remaining, and the length of time before the rate limit will be reset.

Limits can be set for both the /table and /schema endpoints, and the corresponding rate limits can be checked using /rate_limit_table and /rate_limit_schema.

Learn More

Allows you to manually clear the cache.

Learn More


In order to use the API, you will need an API key. This needs to be included in an APIKey header in every request you submit to the API. Learn about how to obtain your API key.

API Administration

As a SuperWEB2 administrator, you can control who has access to the Open Data API, and how often they are allowed to issue requests. Learn about configuring access to the Open Data API, as well as how to install the API.

Testing API Queries

When testing your queries against the API, we recommend using a dedicated tool, such as Postman:

You can also test queries against the API using a command line tool such as curl. For example, the following command issues a GET request for the schema endpoint (you must replace <API_Key> with a valid API key, and change the server URL to the URL of the server you are querying):

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "APIKey: <API_Key>" ""
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