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Processing Multiple Tables

If you want to process multiple tables in a single run of Production System, then there are two ways you can do this:

  • Creating a table list file. This option works in both local and remote modes.
  • Specifying a folder of TXDs that have been saved to the SuperSERVER. This option only works in remote mode.

Table List File

The table list file is just a standard text file containing a list of TXD files. Each TXD must be specified on a separate line in the file.

The files referenced within the list file can either use absolute paths or relative paths (relative to the current working directory). You must not use the .txd file extensions when specifying TXD files within the list file.

For example:


E:\Production System\Regions\CustomerPostcodes

When you run Production System, use the -tl option to set the location of the list file:

sa2ps -tl ListFile.txt

Where Will the Output Files be Saved?

The location of the output files depends on whether you use absolute or relative paths, and whether you set the output directory:

  • Output for tables specified in the list file using an absolute path is saved to the same directory as the TXD file.
  • Output for tables specified using a relative path is saved relative to the current directory, or relative to the output directory if set.

With the above example, if the current directory is E:\Production System and you have configured it to generate CSV and SXV4 output, then:

Using this command:

sa2ps -tl ListFile.txt

The following files would be created:

Using this command:

sa2ps -tl ListFile.txt -op PSOutput

The following files would be created:

E:\Production System\TXDs\AgeByArea.csvE:\Production System\PSOutput\TXDs\AgeByArea.csv
E:\Production System\TXDs\AgeByArea.sxv4E:\Production System\PSOutput\TXDs\AgeByArea.sxv4
E:\Production System\Regions\CustomerPostcodes.csvE:\Production System\Regions\CustomerPostcodes.csv
E:\Production System\Regions\CustomerPostcodes.sxv4E:\Production System\Regions\CustomerPostcodes.sxv4
E:\Production System\GenderByMaritalStatus.csvE:\Production System\PSOutput\GenderByMaritalStatus.csv
E:\Production System\GenderByMaritalStatus.sxv4E:\Production System\PSOutput\GenderByMaritalStatus.sxv4

Production System will not create any directories, so you must ensure that the relevant output directories already exist. This is particularly important when using the -op option. For example, Production System will generate an error and will not create the output file E:\Production System\PSOutput\TXDs\AgeByArea.csv if the directory E:\Production System\PSOutput\TXDs\ does not exist.

Processing a Remote Folder of TXDs

If the TXDs you want to process have been added to SuperSERVER then you can batch process a folder of TXDs stored on the server. Use the -fl option. For example:

sa2ps -fl SavedTables -op OutputDirectory
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