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Queue Processing Frequency

By default, Job Queue Manager checks for new jobs to process every 10 seconds. You can change this setting.

Change the Queue Processing Frequency

To change the queue processing frequency:

  1. Go to the Tomcat instance that is running Job Queue Manager and open <tomcat_home>\webapps\queuedjobservice\WEB-INF\config\common\service-config.xml in a text editor.

    Make a backup copy of this file before making any changes.

  2. Locate the following line:

    <property name="searchFrequencyWhenBlocking" value="10000"/>
  3. Change the value to your preferred processing frequency (in milliseconds). For example, to set the frequency to 30 seconds, change the value to:

    <property name="searchFrequencyWhenBlocking" value="30000"/>
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Restart the Tomcat server that is running Job Queue Manager.
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