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RSE Annotation


Annotates RSE values.

DependenciesRSE Calculation Module


method addmethod <method_id> [{table|mandatory}] [<display_name>]
method <method_id> adddcplugin <plugin_id> rseannotationmodule [<priority>]
method <method_id> <plugin_id> addproperty LookupTable <filename>
method <method_id> <plugin_id> addproperty LookupOperator <operator>


method addmethod MethodID
method MethodID adddcplugin RSEAnnotation rseannotationmodule
method MethodID RSEAnnotation addproperty LookupTable "lookup_table.txt"
method MethodID RSEAnnotation addproperty LookupOperator ">"


This modules requires the two lookup properties, as well as a static annotation repository (which defines the text that will be displayed in the annotation footnote).

A text file on disk that defines a lookup table containing a list of values and corresponding annotation symbols. For example:

1.00 ****
0.75 ***
0.50 **
0.25 *

You can specify the lookup table file name using either an absolute path or a path relative to the location of the plugin. You must escape any Windows style directory separators (\) in the path with a backslash.

For example:

> method MethodID RSEAnnotation addproperty LookupTable "C:\\database\\config\\lookup_table.txt"

One of the following operators to indicate how to select an annotation symbol from the lookup table: >, >=, <, or <=

For the example lookup table shown above, the annotation symbols would be selected as follows:

If the Lookup Operator is...If the RSE Value is..The Annotation will be...
Greater than 1.00****
Greater than 0.75***
Greater than 0.50**
Greater than 0.25*
Greater than or equal to 1.00****
Greater than or equal to 0.75***
Greater than or equal to 0.50**
Greater than or equal to 0.25*
Less than 1.00****
Less than 0.75***
Less than 0.50**
Less than 0.25*
Less than or equal to 1.00****
Less than or equal to 0.75***
Less than or equal to 0.50**
Less than or equal to 0.25*

Static Annotation Repository

In addition to creating the lookup table you must also create a static annotation repository that contains the text for each annotation (or add these strings to you existing static annotations). See Annotations for full details on creating an annotation repository.

Static annotations are stored in a SQLite database file. This must be saved to the same directory as the SXV4 file it relates to, with the filename <database_filename>.sxv4.sqlite.db.

The annotation repository must contain an entry in the AnnotationDetails table for each AnnotationSymbol that is specified in the lookup table, with the corresponding annotation text in the AnnotationDetails column (in the above example, the symbols are *, **, ***, and ****).

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