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Stores details of the locations of various dynamic linked libraries (DLLs) used by SuperCROSS. Most of these settings should not be changed.

Default Location


Some of the sections in the file include:


Defines the name of the application, displayed in the header. For example:

Application Name=SuperCROSS


A list of all the output modules loaded by SuperCROSS. These modules provide SuperCROSS with the ability to save tables in various formats, including Excel, HTML and SDMX. You are not recommended to edit this list.


Defines the order that SuperCROSS will list the save formats in the drop-down list when you choose File > Save As in SuperCROSS.

For example, the following definition:

Order=SuperCROSS (*.SCS);ToText;Comma-separated Table (*.CSV);Tab-delimited Table (*.TXT);SaveExcel;SaveSdmx;SaveHTML;

Results in the following ordering:

As shown in this example, you must list each format in the order you want it to appear, with each item separated by a semi colon. You can either list individual save formats (in which case you must list them exactly as they appear in the drop-down list), or the names of their output modules (as defined in the [Output] section of SuperModule.ini). Specifying the module name is equivalent to specifying all the individual formats that are handled by that module.

Any formats that are not listed in the [SaveTableFormatList] section are automatically listed in their default order after all the specified formats. In the example above, the last specified output format is SaveHTML (which is the output module for the two HTML formats). Everything from SuperTABLE Dissemination (*.SCS) onwards is simply the default ordering of these items. If you prefer to restrict the list to just the specified save formats, then you can add <END> to the end of your list. For example:

Order=SuperCROSS (*.SCS);ToText;Comma-separated Table (*.CSV);Tab-delimited Table (*.TXT);SaveExcel;SaveSdmx;SaveHTML;<END>;


Following is a list of all the available formats and modules (some of the internal SuperCROSS save formats are not handled by output modules and therefore must be specified individually if you want to set their ordering):

ModuleOutput Formats
 SuperCROSS (*.SCS)
 Comma-separated Table (*.CSV)
 Tab-delimited Table (*.TXT)
 SuperTABLE Dissemination (*.SCS)
 Tabular Macro-data (*.CSV)
 Tabular Meta-data (*.CSV)
 Parameter Log (*.TXT)
SaveHTMLHTML - Single File (*.HTM)
SaveHTMLHTML - Multiple Files (*.HTM)
SaveXMLXML - Display Model (*.XML)
SaveXMLXML - Structural Model (*.XML)
SaveXMLXML - CALS Model (*.XML)
SaveExcelExcel 2010 (*.XLSX)
SaveExcelExcel 2007 (*.XLSX)
SaveExcelExcel 97-2003 (*.XLS)
SaveSdmxSDMX Structure (*.xml)
SaveSdmxSDMX Archive (*.zip)
ToPcAxisPC-Axis (*.PX)
ToPcAxis2000PC-Axis 2000 (*.PX)
ToTextTextual Table Definition (*.TXD)

For more details about each output format, see Output Formats.


Specifies languages available for selection in the client (from the File > Languages menu). Each line specifies:

  • The English language name of the language (this appears in brackets after the translated language name, in the File > Languages menu).
  • The name of a text file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\STR\SuperCROSS\language (or the equivalent directory if SuperCROSS has been installed to a non standard location) that contains the interface strings for this language.

See Add a User Interface Language for more information about adding a new language to SuperCROSS.

If you do not want to allow users to select some of these languages for the SuperCROSS interface, then you can remove or comment out any of these lines (use a semi-colon character at the start of the line to comment it out).

For example:

; Danish=Danish_da-DK.txt


This section sets the default language for the SuperCROSS client. It must be set to one of the languages listed in the [Language] section. For example:

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