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This section contains some troubleshooting information.

Potential Errors in the SuperWEB2 Logs

The following are error messages you may see in the SW2.log file.

Table Doesn't Exist

Table 'JQM_SuperWEB2.QueuedJob' doesn't exist--SqlExceptionHelper

This error (or similar errors relating to other missing tables in the Job Queue Manager database) will occur if there were issues encountered during the initial database creation. The error indicates that one of the tables that is required for managing queued jobs has not been created.

For example, you may encounter this problem if the RDBMS user does not initially have sufficient permissions to create all of the tables.  

To resolve the issue, check that your database user has sufficient permissions, then delete the JQM database from your RDBMS and follow the Job Queue Manager configuration instructions again.

This issue can also occur if you are using a MySQL database on Linux, which uses case sensitive table names by default. When using MySQL on Linux you must set the lower-case-table-names parameter in my.cnf to either 1 or 2.

Potential Errors when Queuing Jobs

The following are error messages you may see in the ErrorDetails table in your database.

Large Packet Error

Packets larger than max_allowed_packet are not allowed.

This error occurs when a query exceeds the MySQL maximum packet size.

  1. Stop the MySQL server.
  2. Edit the MySQL configuration file (this file is called my.ini on Windows and my.cnf on Linux).
  3. In the [mysqld] section, set the packet size with an entry similar to:


    The appropriate packet size will depend on the size of the tables you are creating. You may need to experiment with some different values to find a setting that works for you.

  4. Restart the MySQL server.

Timeout Exception

asynchExecutor finished writing data, but could not get result within timeout (10 seconds). Caused by: TimeoutException: null

You may see this error message if you are using SQL Server and the jTDS JDBC driver. Use the Microsoft JDBC Driver instead.

See the Job Queue Manager configuration instructions for more information.

Class Not Found Exception

Error while writing result to SQL database. Caused by: ClassNotFoundException: oracle.sql.BLOB

This error is generated when you have not configured the large object support correctly for your database in <tomcat_home>\webapps\queuedjobservice\WEB-INF\config\data-access-config.xml.

See the Job Queue Manager configuration instructions for more information.

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