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Batch Convert SXV3 Databases

SXV3 is an old SuperSTAR database file format. This format is now deprecated.

If you have old databases in SXV3 format, you can use SuperCHANNEL to convert them to the current SXV4 format. You can either do this for each database individually, or use the supplied batch conversion tool.

You must use the 32 bit version of SuperCHANNEL if you want to connect to the SXV3 format. The komodo driver that is provided for connecting to SXV3s is not supported with the 64 bit version of SuperCHANNEL.

By default, the batch converter is located at C:\ProgramData\STR\SuperCHANNEL\bin\batch_superchannel.bat

  1. Double-click the batch file to launch the converter.

  2. Select Directories > Browse Source to choose the directory that contains your SXV3 files for conversion. The Databases section displays the list of SXV3 databases in your chosen directory.
  3. Select Directories > Browse Target to select a directory where you want to save the SXV4 files.
  4. In the Databases section, select the check boxes next to the databases you want to convert (or click Select All).
  5. In the Build Options section, choose the options you want to use for the build:

    Maintain Directory StructureSelect this option if you want to reproduce the SXV3 source directory structure in the target directory.
    Write Logs To Database DirectorySelect this option to write log files to the SXV4 target directory. If you do not select this option then the logs will be written to a database-specific SXV4 target sub directory.
    Overwrite DatabasesIf you select this option, and there is already an SXV4 database in the target directory that has the same ID as one of the SXV3 databases, it will be overwritten.
    Cleansing Action

    Select the cleansing action to apply when generating the SXV4:

    • Add (add to classification).
    • Skip (skip the row).
    • Stop (stop the build).

    The cleansing action selected here will overwrite any actions specified in the source database.

  6. Click Build to start converting the SXV3s.
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