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Field Level Security and Data Control

Field Level Security

If you wish to use field level security, you should set this up before creating saved tables and queries in SuperWEB2. Changes to field level security settings may cause problems with existing saved tables.

For example, suppose a user has access to the Occupation field and saves a table that contains that field, but the administrator then changes the permissions for that user so that they cannot see the Occupation field. The system may behave incorrectly when the user loads the saved table.

See the Field Level Security pages for more information on field level security.

Using Field Level Security and the Data Control API

Job Queue Manager uses an administrative user account to run the jobs in the queue so the user ID that submits a job may not be the same as the user ID that runs that job.

In most cases, the administrative user will have higher privileges than the user creating the requests.

SuperWEB2 checks that a user has the appropriate permissions by loading the TXD before submitting the job, but changes to permissions between the creation and execution of a job in the queue may affect the behaviour of that query.

Do not create Data Control API plug-ins that determine permissions based on the user id executing the request.

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